Notes on Application for RPS Registration and Renewal


1.          Application using qualifications not obtained through examinations

The Surveyors Registration Board deliberated about the applications for RPS registration using qualifications obtained by ways of the direct membership scheme, reciprocity, expert route or individual invitation as provided by some professional institutes.  These categories of professional memberships have bypassed the need to take the formal qualifying examinations of the institutes, such as the assessment of professional competence and submission of work diary.  Unless there is additional evidence provided, memberships obtained not by taking examinations are considered not possessing qualifications sufficient for RPS registration.


2.          Registration using divisional qualifications not on a par with HKIS

Six (6) divisions have been designated for RPS registration.  A division is a branch of surveying professions established by the Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors (HKIS).  The Surveyors Registration Board noted that the structures of some professional institutes are not the same as that of HKIS.  There is a need to verify the designated divisional qualifications and experiences of applicants holding professional memberships other than that of HKIS.  Applicants not holding HKIS memberships have to submit additional proof of their qualifications and experiences in the division(s) they have intended to seek for registration.


3.          Renewal after prolonged unemployment in Hong Kong

The Surveyors Registration Board will take all relevant factors into account when considering renewal applications.  RPS who have not been employed in Hong Kong for a substantial period of time have to provide records of their supplementary continuing professional development for the Board’s consideration.


4.          Additional division registration and renewal fee

With effect from 31 December 2005, the registration fee for an additional division is HK$250 and the renewal fee for an additional divisional registration is also HK$250.  (The application fee for additional division registration is still the same as for single division registration application i.e. HK$250.)