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Address: Room 1205,12/F,
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Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
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Message from Chairman  


On the nineteenth of January 2005, the Surveyors Registration Board held its first meeting of the year. I was elected the chairman of the board.

First of all, I would like to thank every one of you for your support given to the board in the past. My tribute also goes to my previous board colleagues for their relentless efforts in promoting the role of registered professional surveyors in society. Some of them are still serving on the board this year. I have the confidence that together we can scale new heights.

The board, being a regulatory body established under the Surveyors Registration Ordinance, will continue to maintain the standard of registered professional surveyors albeit there are some people holding alike qualifications still practicing as surveyors without registration. While the board will continue to strengthen the requirements for registration, registered professional surveyors should seek further development to improve their services to the community. Our common goal is to enhance the image of registered professional surveyors as a distinguished group of professionals committing themselves to land and infrastructure development, building and property management in Hong Kong.

In order to maintain the stature of every professional, introducing continuing professional development for renewal of registration could be considered as a means to this end. To keep abreast with this, registered professional surveyors should first make every endeavour to comply with a high level of professionalism including their ethical development. It is rather difficult to monitor professional ethics. The board relies on individual registered professional surveyors' own appreciation of the ethics of surveying practices. Hong Kong as an open society wants greater professional integrity and commitment. It is the onus of registered professional surveyors to maintain a good culture of self-discipline in running their business.

It is my duty as the chairman of the board to promote the status of registered professional surveyors, as my predecessors have endeavoured to achieve unrelentingly in the past. The board will continue to seek full recognition of surveyors registration from government departments and other public or statutory organisations. To this end, I trust the board's administrative committee and promotion group will come up with more ideas and means of doing it in the coming months.

Lastly, I would like to wish you all a very prosperous year of the rooster.

Wong Chung-hang
Chairman 2004-05
February 2005