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For further enquires, please contact the Registrar,

地址: 香港上環
Tel: 2186 6112
Fax: 2868 4612
URL: http://www.srb.org.hk












Message from Chairman  


Dear Registered Professional Surveyors,

On 18 January 2012, the Surveyors Registration Board (SRB) held its first meeting of the year 2011/12. I was elected as the Chairman of the Board.

In this message, I would like to inform you that the Board has convened two meetings since the beginning of this year. Three Committees/Working Group have been appointed at the first meeting of the year. They are the Administration Committee, Registration Committee and Promotional Group, which would help the Board to deal with different matters for facilitating the smooth operation of the Board.

This year, the Promotional Group has considered reviewing the SRB website. We hope to provide you with a new look of our website and you will find more and up-to-date information about the Board and the surveying industry in Hong Kong. Please feel free to let us know if you have come up with any ideas or suggestions for our improvement.

You may be aware that the Hong Kong Housing Society has launched the Voluntary Building Assessment Scheme (VBAS) to support the Mandatory Building Inspection Scheme and Mandatory Window Inspection Scheme. The Hong Kong Quality Building Assessment Panel is also set up to oversee the implementation of VBAS.

The VBAS assessment shall be conducted by “VBAS Assessors” registered under the Scheme. Registered Professional Surveyor (RPS) with Registered Inspector status is qualified for registration as a VBAS Assessor on List 1 while other RPSs of the following divisions are qualified for registration as VBAS Assessors on List 2A or 2B to carry out building assessment under VBAS on completion of a one-day training.

i) RPS (BS)
ii) RPS (QS)
iii) RPS (GP)
iv) RPS (PFM)

Training enrollment for registration of VBAS Assessors has now started and three training sessions have been arranged in May and June 2012. For details, please visit the VBAS Website: http://vbas.hkhs.com. Training Enrollment Form can be downloaded from the website. Members of relevant divisions are encouraged for early enrollment for the one-day training and subsequent registration as VBAS Assessors.

Stephen Lai
Chairman 2011/12
May 2012